Osteopathy is a health science based primarily on a solid knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  This clinical approach is thorough in ensuring an optimal integrity and functioning of bodily structures and systems.


Osteopathy is unique in its approach by the fact that it assesses an individual according to his/her specific mechanical restrictions, postural patterns and functional deficiencies. During a session, the osteopath will begin by performing a detailed assessment. This will enable the clinician to determine and prioritize your specific mechanical restrictions. Following this assessment, the osteopath will perform a sequence of manual therapy techniques to normalize your specific restrictions. In addition, the osteopath is trained to recognize when a referral to a doctor is necessary and appropriate. Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that is perfectly complimentary to a traditional medical approach. Your osteopath will therefore work in collaboration with your doctor or any other health professional. He/she is the health professional that can assist you regardless of your age, occupation and symptoms, few exemples:

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Alain Dubreuil Clinic, osteopathy, Montreal, Griffintown.
Alain Dubreuil Clinic, osteopathy, Montreal, Griffintown.